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About Us

About Us:

If the soul expresses itself through art, here’s your chance to shine like a potato.

Calvin Made was founded on the concept of pure self-expression. We believe everyone should surround themselves with clothing, artwork, and doodads that resonate with the core of their being. And nothing gets to our core faster than twisted humor. We must advise you to proceed with caution since we’ve recently learned that our brand of humor is severely deadly to nuns, ivy league snobs, and ostriches disguised as humans.

If you can touch your nose with your tongue, then you’re likely a member of one of those groups or a very well-trained circus performer. Our collection of T-shirts, posters, and artwork are delicately laced with 100% anti-boremium for maximum fun. Given that we’ve sourced this material from Mars, we’re pretty confident in its performance.

In a world where potatoes shine and unicorns fly on farts, we believe every item we offer helps make your life a little more bearable.


Our mission is to inspire people to be their most unique self. By providing quirky, humorous designs we aim to make you confident in your own quirkiness.


Our vision is to be an exclusive outlet where anyone can obtain and embrace their unique expressions.