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Tailoring is the Only Fashion Accessory You Need

Posted by Calvin Made on

Fashion is a fleeting thing. People should wear whatever appeals to them and looks best on their body shape. There's no need to try and fit into passing fads. Those ridiculous looks that people laugh about from the '80s and '90s were once the height of fashion. People should just wear what they want. They'll feel and look like a million bucks because that's really what it's all about.

One great way to do this is to investigate customizable clothing. For many people, the cost of tailoring might seem excessive. Everyone is so accustomed to purchasing ready-to-wear clothing off the shelves that they haven't even considered it. Famous people always look great, and that's not just because they are fit-- it's because of their tailors. Most of them never go anywhere without wearing things that are tailored to fit them uniquely, all the way down to the simplest tank top.

So where does that leave the mere mortals? When people go to shop online or in a store, all the clothes have been made as one size fits all, a uniform shape for each subsequent size. One size has never fit all, and in the old days, people had only a few different outfits tailored to their own unique shape. The problem with the one size fits all mentality is that these outfits and clothes only fit a certain body type. It doesn't even matter what size a person is, because the body type in question may not look good on some people no matter what size they are. Some types of clothes, like wrap dresses, look good on everyone because the fabric conforms to size and shape. Fashions based on Greek dress designs are always classy and look good on just about everyone who wears them. These dresses share the same secret: draping will always enhance the beauty of the person wearing the gown in ways that other styles do not. 

In South Korea, they use the type of body scanner seen in airports to determine the exact size and shape of the body. They can send these measurements all over the world to stores in Milan, Paris, and LA. They even have mirrors that let people 'try on' clothes using their reflection, to see if the outfit will suit them before they purchase it.

Now, everyone may not have access to the ultra high-tech world of South Korea, but they certainly have access to measuring tapes and sewing machines. If someone sees something they absolutely love but it pinches here and there or it balloons out in the wrong place, with a snip and a stitch they can learn to tailor their clothes to their personal shape. It'll give them more confidence and they'll find themselves happier with the clothes they wear. It's often discouraging to shop for hours and never find the right fit, especially with the way the fluorescent lights tend to pick out every flaw, but if they learn some simple tailoring they'll discover a whole world has opened up to them.

Once they're confident about their tailoring skills when they buy outfits off the rack, they can even move on to sewing entire outfits themselves. Whether it's kicky dresses or fully tailored suits, they'll find that making their own clothing offers a kind of freedom they've never felt before. There are fashions that suit certain body types but have not been available for decades, and sewing their own creations will offer the opportunity to wear those looks. There's no need to break the bank when it comes to creating that perfect outfit. When a person is the seamstress themselves, anything goes.