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Mature women: How to Update your Makeup, Wardrobe, and Beauty Routine

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You knew how to make the most of your appearance when you were younger, and your beauty routine hasn’t changed. However, your skin, hair, and figure have altered. You haven’t adapted because the changes were so gradual that you hardly noticed them. With a few tweaks, though, you can update your makeup, wardrobe, and beauty regimen to suit the more mature version of you and look elegant and attractive. Let’s look at how to do just that.


In your twenties, thirties, and a little beyond, you could wear plenty of makeup if you desired. Thick eyeliner, swept up at the corners, and eyeshadow loaded onto your lids and brow bone didn’t pose a problem. Abundant lipstick made your lips appear plump. Now, though, pile on too many cosmetics, and they visibly clog your pores and sit between the lines of your face.

A light touch is required when applying makeup. Instead of foundation, tinted moisturizer will add a silky glow to your skin, while covering imperfections. Likewise, a dusting of eyeshadow on your eyelids, but extending no further, can enhance your eyes without looking excessive.

Eyeliner may be kept to a minimum. Rather than using it to produce an elongated shape, pencil it along the framework of your eyes, just above your top eyelashes and below the bottom ones. Also, your lips will look more youthful if you wear a light sheen of pink, rather than red lipstick. Stick to subtle cosmetic colors, since your skin and hair are naturally paler than they used to be; bold makeup colors appear harsh and age you.


There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion and maturity. Indeed, as you age, you might feel more confident than when you were in your youth and wanted to try new styles and fresh colors. However, bear in mind the physical changes you’ve undergone influence whether clothing suits you. Has your waistline expanded? Shrunk? Or remained the same?

Most likely, your figure has altered, and you may have lost a little height. Your arms may not be as toned as they were. Additionally, your skin tone and hair color are different. None of these matters need be a problem since you can adapt your wardrobe to accommodate them.

The good news is you can wear different colors now. If you have gray, white, or silver hair, burgundy and gray clothing will look terrific. Forest green, deep, sunshine yellow, and cornflower blue might suit you too. You also look fabulous in taupe or navy blue with vibrant accessories to lift your outfit – think dark red, turquoise, or candy pink.

If there are areas of your body you would rather not display like untoned arms, cover them, but you don’t need to swathe yourself in material from head to foot. If you aren’t keen on your upper arms, wear three-quarter length sleeves, so your wrists still show. Similarly, if you dislike your waist, you don’t need to stick to full dresses or hide in tracksuits and sweaters. Tunics teamed with leggings, or thin layers, lagenlook style, will look attractive and boost your confidence.

Beauty routine

Mature skin can easily become dry and dull. Keep yours in good shape by exfoliating to get rid of flaky areas and reveal the fresh skin underneath. Moisturize each morning and at night before going to bed. Additionally, a moisturizing body soak in your bath will soften your skin.

Before applying makeup, consider using brightening cream under your eyes, across your brows, and on your cheekbones for a fresh, dewy look. You may also like to dye your eyelashes to avoid them becoming brittle from using mascara every day.

Dry hair? Use plenty of conditioners and spritz the ends with hair oil after blow-drying. Keeping your locks trimmed – hair stylists recommend every six weeks – will make them shiny and healthy. Also, if you dye your hair, steer clear of dark colors that are too harsh for you now. For instance, mahogany will clash with your skin tone, but light ash brown won’t.

Adapting your makeup, wardrobe, and beauty routine as you age can help you look terrific and build your self-esteem. The changes you make might mean stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things differently, but you’ll be happy with the results.