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Five Ways to Style In Summer Weather

Posted by Calvin Made on

There's no wonder that people love summer. Between beaches, traveling, parties, festivals and fairs, what's not to love about the warmest time of the year? Of course, the heat and unpredictable weather can sometimes pose a problem for the fashion-conscious dresser, but that can be easily solved. Here are five ways to stay cool, chic, and prepared in the swings of summer.

Wear Breathable Fabrics

Looking good is always the top priority, but sometimes there are other factors that need to be weighted the same. When summer heat hits, staying cool can be equally important. Fabrics that breathe will allow your body to regulate its temperature and keep you cool even in sunlight and high humidity. Cotton, linen, and chambray all breathe well and keep you cooler than polyester and constricting fabrics. Also, try to wear loose-fitting clothing on the especially sweltering days, to keep your clothes from sticking to you and trapping moisture underneath. Remember to wear mainly natural fabrics or blends with mostly natural fabrics.

Dress In Layers

In the summertime, a cool morning doesn't necessarily mean a cool day. Even the hottest of days can begin cool and dry, gradually getting hotter and stickier. So even though a warm sweater or long-sleeve may seem like the best choice in the early hours of the day, that choice may come back to hurt you. Wear the cool clothes that summer often requires, and then layer on top of that. Blazers, sweatshirts, sweaters, cardigans and light jackets can all be worn over light tops or dresses. This'll keep you warm before work and school and can be removed once the day starts to heat up.

Know When To Stop

Who doesn't love to accessorize? Bomber jackets, hats, jewelry and more all add to the feel and vibe of a look, but in the summer heat, they can weigh you down. Light is always the best option in the summer, so try not to over-accessorize. True, it can be tough to do. But try to think of the motto, "Less is more." You can look chic without over-dressing. Extra accessories can just make you feel hotter, especially if you're outside or doing any physical activity. Even with just the basics, you'll feel great if you know how to wear them and what to pick.

Remember the Occasion

Think about what you will be doing that day. Will you be outdoors or inside? In air-conditioning or the heat? In wet or dry weather? Questions like these will help you dress for the occasion. Cooler clothing is an absolute must when you're in the heat, but you also have to take care not to look sloppy or under-dressed. If you're going to be in a cool environment, like indoors or in air-conditioning, then you could wear heavier clothing or blended fabrics. Think about the seriousness of your day's events, the dress code, and the climate when choosing your outfit for the day.

Plan Ahead

This is very important, especially in areas that have unpredictable summer weather. If storms are common on any given day, bring umbrellas and rain gear with you, perhaps leaving it in your car for future weather fashion emergencies. Keep a pair of sensible or reliable shoes with you or somewhere you can access them in case there is a problem with your current footwear, such as mud soiling. Stain removers, deodorant and a change of clothes are great things to keep on hand in varying climates. Keep an eye on the weather forecast to make sure you're not caught off guard by a thunderstorm or surge of hair-frizzing humidity.

Oh, summer! How we love thee! Sure there are challenges, but nothing a smart and chic fashionista can't handle. Always remember to dress in layers, know when to put the brakes on accessories, keep in mind your occasion, and plan ahead for weather-related attire emergencies. Armed with these tips, there's nothing summer throws that you can't take!