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Are Malls Overrated?

Posted by Calvin Made on

Many people think that malls are the shopping equivalent to heaven. Tons of stores packed into one single building - what's not to like? To answer that question, malls often cost a lot to build, have higher prices, dirty restaurants, and bad parking.
The average price to build a mall is about twenty-five million dollars! Imagine how much the rent would have to be to have a spot in any mall. That would limit which stores could rent a spot in the mall, therefore limiting the number of stores.
While malls give you the perfect shopping environment, they raise the prices. For example, a simple sweater may be ten dollars online, but in the same store at the mall, it might be twenty-five dollars! One lesson that can be learned from mall prices is that it is almost always better to shop online.
The quality of food courts differs greatly depending on which mall you go to. Some popular food court restaurants are P.F. Changs, Chick-fil-A, and Panda Express. Food courts can become very loud and crowded, which is not appealing to most people. Also, the sanitary ratings in these restaurants are usually not very good, so be careful before eating.
Last but not least, parking is probably one of the most dreaded parts of the mall and shopping experience. Finding a spot in a parking garage is frustrating, and many people just go straight to the top to park. Once you park, there becomes the annoying part where you have to find where to enter the mall. After shopping, how many people are going to remember exactly where they parked? Not many! Overall, parking at the mall is irritating and is a waste of time.
The ultimate decision is whether you want to go through parking problems, overpriced items, and dirty restaurants to get that shopping vibe at the mall, or shop online while curled up in a blanket at home. Both have pros and cons, and opinions really differ for every person. Overall, malls often are very expensive to build, they’re overpriced, have dirty restaurants, and frustrating parking situations.